I am mixed-media image maker with a sole aim to produce images that connect with another person. It is all about "only connect ".
For me a picture has to reveal more than what is obviously visible. The visual element is only a key to a unseen world.
A sympathetic viewer must have the will to want to use the key. In other words have a inquiring mind and a hungry soul.
Music is not sound, imagine the national anthem playing. You hear no sound but you experience music. Likewise, now visualize with your eyes closed a blue glass vase with erect pink tulips in it.
All art is in the mind and beyond.

Most of my currant work involves the use of advanced digital imaging. Often starting life as drawings, painting and photographs then manipulated in photoshop to produce graphic images.
I produce one off mono prints or signed and numbered limited editions prints in editions of no more than twenty.
Print making is a affordable way of collection fine art. I feel strongly that art should not be a rip-off.I take great delight in being a down to earth humble artist and share my images with sympathetic others.
I tend to have several hundred or so pictures on the go at any one time, these may take a few years to finish. Only a few survive the arduous journey to completion.
I only work when truly inspired and never force a picture to work. Once a picture has started, the inner force within it takes over. Not unlike a child growing to adulthood. Just needing some skilled loving parental guidance. So often though turning out not as one expects.
I live and work on a narrowboat and cruise the inland waterways of London and southern England. I find the compact shared space of living and studio keeps my body and creativity focused. I can't escape from my work, that is vital for my survival as an artists. The artists muse is like his shadow, an invisible shadow.
I compose poetry too, this help me intellectually clarify my thought and ideas. Although part of me believes to much thinking is not healthy for a visual artists. If I can say it in words, why make a image?